Kind Fashion: ethical and sustainable clothes for a better future

Ethically and sustainably made clothing for a better future

Do you ever think about how our clothes are made, who made them, and how these workers are treated? Not many of us do. Not many of us know that these working conditions are not always safe or ethical. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, it’s time we become aware of how our choices are affecting others and our future. Just because we are not directly affected by these working conditions does not mean it won’t impact us and our children in the long run. 

Buying cheap clothes is very tempting, especially when shopping for kids clothing since they outgrow everything so fast. But there is always a greater price to pay when we buy that $5 t-shirt, even though we may not see the impact we are creating.

In recent years, the fashion industry and how they manufacture clothing has gotten more attention. Sadly, it took a deadly factory collapse, toxic chemical spills into waterways and reports of unethical working conditions for people to evaluate the severity and long-lasting effects of cheap, unethical garment production. Unfair wages, child labor, and serious long-term health disorders due to poor working conditions are all realities of garment workers that we so easily turn a blind eye to when we go shopping for our cheap clothes. The good news is that these unfortunate events and conditions are avoidable if we start supporting sustainable fashion.

At Wolf Pup Threads, we care about who makes our clothing and strive to elevate the global standard for textile production. We say that our products are “ethically made” so let’s take a look at what this means to us.

Sustainable and ethical clothing refers to the entire production of the garment - from how the eco-friendly fabric is farmed, manufactured, and sold. Our ethical clothing uses eco-friendly fabrics that are grown using practices that minimizes the impact on the environment and provides safe farming conditions. The clothing is manufactured in a sweatshop free environment by adults (no child labor!) who are working by choice in safe and healthy working conditions. They are given fair wages and treated well. By supporting ethical garment production, we are improving the lives of farmers, garment workers and the communities they live in. Sustainable clothing is made with care by people who are treated with respect.

One of the first and most important life lessons we teach our kids is to treat others with love, kindness and respect – to treat others the way we want to be treated. Let’s not forget that moral standpoint when we shop for our clothes. In order to change the world for the better, we have to put empathy into action. When we buy sustainable, ethically made clothing, we are showing that we care about the people that make our clothes, how it’s made and how it impacts the future for our children. The choices we make today shape the future of the fashion industry. Let’s choose wisely.

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